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INSIDE CABLING: Category Five, Category Six & Gigabit Cabling

Nobody installs cabling better and for less than Allied Cable Corporation (in Ohio). If we fail this pledge, we will send send you a gift certificate to the Olive Garden or TGI Fridys.
Allied ..offers leasing plans for many of the products and services. Allied .. is a reseller for several companies products for example:  Leviton, Hubbel,Corning  and as such can offer manufacturer backed warranties on products and applications for periods as long as a lifetime! Allied ..will design a cabling system to suit your needs with no obligation other than to be one of the bidders! Allied .. has been in business for over 27 years.
Did you know.. that the cost of category 5 cable is now the same cost as what a category 3 cable was years ago? Also, that category 5E and category 6 cable is continuing to drop in cost as manufacturers are now mass producing because of high demand for these types of cable.
Did you know... That you can now send NTCS,PAL,RGB, standard composite video, and dual channel high fidelity audio signals through your CAT5  cable? In some instances as far as 2,500 feet!
Provide, install, terminate a category 5E  wire run, indoors, less than 100 feet in length: $120.00 each, with a  minimum order of four required. Click Here for Special Sale Coupon

Note: Price assumes the following conditions: drop ceilings, less than 10 foot in height, fish-able walls. Items such as conduit, moldings, cable tray, etc.. are available at an additional cost. Other discounts can not be used in conjunction with the above listed offer.


Allied can install outdoor copper, fiber and coaxial cabling between your buildings. We can run this cabling aerially or underground. Allied can set telephone poles for you or can help you apply for permission to attach to existing utility poles.

Allied can place cabling in existing underground tunnels or conduits, or we can: trench, or direction bone and place the cabling and/or underground conduits.

The approximate average cost for Allied to place aerial cabling is for example $5.00 per foot. Many customers find this price alternative as with fiber they can achieve virtually limitless speeds for: voice, video, data and many other uses at reasonable costs.

Many times we are able to assist in procuring leasing (standard leases or $1.00 purchase options) for our customers.

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