Media Retrieval

Video Servers
The Media Retrieval System is based on using a server.

Configured for a number of concurrent video Channels... The Media Retrieval System guarantees a number of concurrent video channels. If or when that number is reached, any additional request will be rejected. In that case, accessto the application interface is still possible, for instance the video content function.

Encoding & Multicast Playback Station
New contents can be encoded via analogue sources like BetaCam or live via Camera and directly played back over the Local Area Network (LAN) in real time.Concurrently to its live play-out, the content can also be stored on the central server. The display channels can be configured in multicast mode, thus offering the possibility for several users to access simultaneously the same video stream.

The Media Retrieval System has been designed in such a way that unlimited extensions either in storage or in number of concurrent users are very easy to implement incrementally and on site.

Example of a Low Cost Media Retrieval System
A simple Media Retrieval System is an easy-to-use and practical solution for educational media retrieval. Using low-cost hand held IR remote and classroom TV, the instructor can select and control media sources located in the central media center. Administrator and media center alerts can also be sent from the classroom remote.As many educational systems combine local channels with cable programming, classroom TVs can only access specific channels assigned by the administration. Some channels can be allocated as a media source, not viewable by normal channel up/down control, but can be accessed by the instructor's remote.A live A/V page event to all TVs, a zone or individual TV can be initiated from the Administrator's TV, a fixed or roving "newscast" cart. Video from a school play, panel discussion, or team-teaching session can be sent to one or all classrooms. Selected TVs are automatically turned on and switched to the paging channel, then returned to normal operation after the page.Standard IR-controlled TVs, Smart TVs from Phillips, RCA and Zenith, plasma TVs, and video projectors can be networked and controlled through the same RF cable that carries the CATV channels. System-configured access prevents unauthorized viewing of TVs and specific TV Channels. With a simple command, the administrator or media manager can make sure all TVs are turned off at the end of the day.

Applications for Media Retrieval

Specifications: Audio and Video Distrubition over RF Coax Cable, Control Signals over the same RF Coax cable and over CAT3/5 Twisted Pair, Network Smart TVs, IR-controlled TVs and RS-232 controlled video projector and you can control up to a maximum of 96 IR-controlled and 92 RS-232 controlled media sources. Applications are found in schools K-12 and Universities, Hospitals, Government, Coporate Video, Training Centers and Sports Arenas.

  • Classroom control of media playback decks located in a centralized library with no PC requred
  • Compatible with popular media formats such as VCR, DVD, LD and Satellite reciever
  • Universal, inexpensive handheld IR remote for local TV and remote playback deck control
  • Limits TV access to media decks and desired community cable channels only
  • Principal/Administrator audio/video paging to ALL TVs, by zone or individual TV
  • Principal/Administrator alert from classroom remote with optional classroom camera record
  • Simple on-screen menu selection from any classroom for control and viewing of media deck or view only media source controlled from another classroom
  • System-wide and zoned media playback function
  • Force TVs to weather/emergency channel alert function
  • Remote classroom live broadcast function
  • Control data over existing broadband RF Coax Cable, no costly labor of additional network control wiring
  • Simple and Professional instalation of TV controllers, mounts out of sight on rear-side of TV

Examples of a Digital Media Retrieval System


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